Horny Toad began in Telluride, based in Santa Barbara, and is “recognized in most places with a smile.” This company thrives off the mission of loving what they do, which shows in the products they create.

Now known as Toad & Co, their clothing is intended to be an “expression of ease.” Keeping a one-closet lifestyle in mind, they focus on clothing that is effortless - like our Marly Striped Tee Dress. This material and style is perfect for a trip to the Raleigh Farmer’s Market or date night downtown.  Horny Toad’s idea of “wear more, wash less” is great for our Apex Outfitter customer who lives a fast-paced life. The majority of Toad & Co’s clothes are made with sustainable fibers and clean cellulosics to “age well, travel with ease, and look good straight off the floor - no matter how many times they were worn first.”

At Apex Outfitter we love Horny Toad’s idea of living “Toadally” - that it’s more than just about making clothes “it’s about fueling the fire, making every day an adventure and a chance to wake up on the right side of the bed.” So, take chances and adventure to places you’ve never seen - even if you start locally - get outside and enjoy!
Kyle Denis
Kyle Denis


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