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Action sports combined with traditional outdoors – yes, this describes Apex Outfitter & Board Co. as well as our new brand Poler Outdoor Stuff. Bridging the gap between these two categories, Poler Stuff recognizes the modern active outdoor lifestyle and encompasses their love for both. Capturing the hearts of roamers and seekers, with gear that is both fun and functional - Poler Stuff is created for everyday use in the city, as well as wherever your adventurous side might take you. From world travelers to skateboarders, this high quality gear is designed for whatever category you place yourself in.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Poler Stuff was created by photographer Benji Wagner and Kharma Vella. With a team of skaters, snowboarders, and artists Poler Stuff focuses on innovation and providing a unique product mix to unite those who love road trips and camping, as much as surfing and skating. From sleeping bags and accessories to apparel, their mission is to provide gear  “for people that are travelers, couch surfers, regular surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders, bicyclists, parents, kids, car campers, and anyone else looking for something that looks good, is a good value and is all about having fun on road trips and in the outdoors.”

One of Apex Outfitter’s favorites from Poler Stuff is the Napsack. A sleeping bag combined with a hoodie – what’s better than that?? With armholes, hood, and an open bottom, stay cozy while reading, cooking, or just wandering around. The Napsack sleeping bag combines the best of both worlds and is a definite conversation starter. So, if you need the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast, look no further. In solids and different prints, you can’t go wrong with a Napsack from Poler Stuff.

High quality and trendy styles, Poler Stuff bags and packs are ideal for your next adventure - whether it is down the street in downtown Raleigh or through the Appalachian Trails. At Apex Outfitter the High and Dry Pack 20 and 40 are water resistant and are designed with pockets, zippers, and straps to make the most out of the bag you carry. With a two compartment system, the dry bag allows you to separate your wetsuit or dirty laundry from your other essentials. Hate digging through your bag to grab whatever you stashed in the bottom? No longer a problem. The bottom section of the High and Dry 40 can be unzipped at the bottom for easy access. Fill external pockets with your wallet, keys, or snacks for when you need them. If you are looking for a more everyday bag, the Rucksack is for you. With a vintage inspiration, the Rucksack allows you to carry your laptop with easy outside access, while you can stash your charger and accessories in the streamlined side pockets. The Rucksack 2.0 takes you from weekday work to weekend adventures with classic style and features.

Poler Stuff is designed “for people that wonder why everyone is trying to pretend they are going to do first ascents on alpine peaks instead of celebrating the fact that they are having adventures that are awesome in their own way.” So, get ready for your next adventure - whatever it may be - with our new apparel, bags, and accessories from Poler Stuff! Check out our latest arrivals online and in store, then get outside and explore.
Kyle Denis
Kyle Denis


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