June 01, 2017


Summer Adventures: Top Parks Around Raleigh

Ready to embrace the warmer weather? We know we are and there are so many places around the Triangle to get outside! Combine relaxing views with being active by heading to one of our favorite spots. Whether it’s a kayaking adventure or finding that hidden fishing spot, we’ve got you covered with a Summer Guide to Raleigh’s best parks.

Lake Crabtree County Park
Wake County’s first established county park, Lake Crabtree, is home to tons of recreational opportunities. With a little bit of everything, it’s become one of the most talked about parks in the Raleigh-Durham area. Home to a six mile trail loop around the lake, with an additional nine miles of hiking/cycling trails, open play areas, and fishing spots, it’s an outdoorsman’s dream. Not to mention the 520 acre lake is made for days on the water – Sailboats, canoes, kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and more launch off its year round boat dock. Less than 10 miles from downtown Apex, it’s an easy spot to hang an eno, sit back, and enjoy the afternoon breeze.

Rental dates: Fri.-Sun., May 6-Sept. 24
Fees: $5-10 per hour; Cash only (a $20 cash deposit will be required)
Need to know: Must be at least 18 years of age to rent a boat; rentals stop at 5pm

William B. Umstead State Park
As N.C.'s most visited state park, William B. Umstead State Park, drew 1.84 million visitors in 2016. If you’ve visited, you’d understand why. As a popular getaway for hikers, trail runners, cyclists, and even horseback riders, it’s easily accessible off Highway 70. The park's biggest lake, Big Lake, has a boathouse that rents out canoes and rowboats, allowing you to explore the 55-acre body of water (no private boats allowed). Fishing is allowed at Big Lake, where you'll find bass, bluegill and crappie. But, don’t miss the 13 miles of trails that take you through some of the most scenic areas of the more than 5,000-acre park.

Rental dates: Sat. and Sun., May 6-Sept. 30
Fees: $5 per hour; Cash or check only
Need to know: Must be 16 years of age to rent a boat; Rentals stop at 3:30pm; Private boats not allowed

Lake Wheeler Park
Located in south Raleigh, Lake Wheeler is a short drive for an afternoon getaway. From jon boats and rowboats to kayaks and pedal boats, this 650 acre lake offers boat rentals seven days a week during warm weather months. A boat launch also allows trailered and non-trailered boats to be launched with a day pass of $6 per day.  Whether you are looking for a spot to relax on the water, a stress-relieving run, or a place to hang your eno – Lake Wheeler could be the park for you.

Rental dates: Jon boat rentals begin April 1; other boats are available May 1-Sept. 30
Fees: $4-6 per hour
Need to know: Must be 16 years of age to rent a boat; Rentals stop at 6pm

Lake Johnson Park
Close to North Carolina State University (Go Pack!), Lake Johnson Park is a popular spot for students and professionals to get outside. With a paved, three-mile greenway loop, plus two miles of unpaved trails, it is a relaxing and scenic path along the lake. The lake spans more than 150 acres and offers a wide variety of rentals, from jon boats and canoes to sunfish sails and stand-up paddleboards. A boat launch is also available to use for a $6 per day fee for non trailered, electric motorized boats. It’s one of our favorite loops, with a dam that’s a great place to hang out with your dog and let them enjoy the water.

Rental dates: Jon boat rentals begin April 1; other boats are May 1-Sept. 30
Fees: $4-10 per hour (SUP is $10 per hour, must be 18 years of age or older)
Need to know: Must be 16 years or age or older to rent a boat; Fishing is allowed from a boardwalk or boat (with current N.C. fishing license), and with an ID you can borrow a rod and reel from the park boathouse

Harris Lake County Park
Secluded in the southeast corner of the county, Harris Lake County Park is a 680-acre park on a peninsula of Harris Lake. The park has all types of amenities, including a fishing pier (plus a fishing pond that gets stocked with channel catfish once per month), nearly eight miles of mountain bike trails, lots of picnic opportunities, five miles of dedicated jogging trails, and a popular 18-hole disc golf course. There are no boat rentals available in the park, but boat docks provide easy access to take your own onto the water. Fill your Summer with days spent at Harris Lake tubing with family, playing disc golf with friends, or biking through the winding trails.

Fred G. Bond Metro Park and Boathouse
At 310 acres, Bond Park is one of the largest in the area with picnic shelters, athletic fields, hiking trails, playgrounds, a 300 seat amphitheater, and a challenge course. A two mile loop surrounds the lake, along with a shorter trail for off leash dogs. The boathouse rents out pedal boats, sunfish sailboats, kayaks, and more, along with a boat ramp. Don’t forget to bring a picnic, as their deck is full of tables and umbrellas overlooking the lake.

Rental dates: Sat. and Sun., April-May; Seven days per week June-Aug.; Sat. and Sun., Sept.-Oct.
Fees: $6-11 per hour.
Need to know: Must be 18 years of age or older to rent a boat; Sailing experience required to rent a sunfish sailboat

With more options than you have time for, it’s time to get outside this Summer and explore the awesome parks we have around us! In less than 20 minutes you can be on the lake, hitting the trails, or relaxing by the water. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring.

Chaco: Fit for Adventure

Born on the river in 1989, Chaco began with a simple idea from a Colorado rafting guide. What if a sandal was created with webbing straps that passed through the midsole to create a custom fit sandal that stays put no matter what the adventure was. The idea caught on once the Z shaped straps became what explorers always hoped for - a secure, comfortable piece of footwear that could take them anywhere. Chaco has come a long way since ‘89, but they have always stayed faithful to what made their “Z” sandal so amazing in the first place; simple designs, durable construction, and all day comfort and support.  

With a heritage rooted in offering simple, versatile products that focus on superior comfort and durability, Chaco believes that outdoor adventure, travel, and community enrich the lives of their customers and celebrate the journey through their community, Chaco Nation. So, find your perfect fit for adventure below and join #ChacoNation in the pursuit of the greatest adventures.

Always a Classic: Built to Last
Chaco classic Z’s found at Apex Outfitter are made with durable polyurethane (PU) that doesn’t compress over time, keeping your sandals on your feet longer. Supportive and dependable, like an old friend, Chaco’s LUVSEAT footbed promoted healthy alignment and arch support for all day wear. Newly updated with ChacoGrip rubber, the classic Z’s are the best performing Chaco outsole yet.

Step into the Clouds
Experience the Classic Z with an added layer of instant pillow top comfort. The new Cloud collection from Chaco merges the Classic Z performance with enhanced comfort by introducing their travel ready Z/Cloud series. Featuring the same custom adjustable strap system, performance ChacoGrip rubber outsole, and a top layer of ultra-soft polyurethane for instant cushion underfoot. Step in and feel the difference. Available for both Men and Women in store and online at Apex Outfitter.

Technology Behind LUVSEAT
Supportive and durable, the Luvseat fit promotes healthy alignment and arch support providing an all day wear. Built into every pair of Chaco’s, the Luvseat design provides contoured arch support in a product so dependable, every single style is certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The APMA Seal identifies products of exceptional quality that are manufactured with comfort, health, and safety in mind. The 100 year old organization supports the estimated 15,000 podiatrists in the U.S. and their certification signifies footwear with a properly supported and comfortable stride. So take it from them and give your feet the support they need with the Luvseat Footbed from Chaco.

More Tech: More Grip
With Chaco’s commitment to providing the best adventure sandal on the planet, they have continued to evolve their technology with new innovative designs and materials. Cue: ChacoGrip. Designed in house and extensively field-tested across various wilderness scenarios, ChacoGrip marks the next generation of Chaco performance. This new innovation allows users to adventure more miles with more DURABILITY and GRIP than ever before. Whether you are heading to Eno River in Durham, NC or on a Jamaican excursion. ChacoGrip results proved 40% better in wet condition and twice as effective in slimy conditions against all previous Chaco outsole iterations. What does that mean for you? A more reliable and durable sandal than ever before.

Chaco hiking sandals provide function and support for all your outdoor adventures. Plus, with a variety of styles, colors, and fits, you’ll find the perfect footwear for any occasion. So, get ready for water, trail, and everything in between with Chaco sandals that are fit for every adventure. Shop in store and online here:
January 18, 2017


Live Lokai

Whether you began with the classic clear or your wrists are stacked with various colors of charities, Lokai bracelets have swept the nation. Representing the balance of life’s highs and lows, this bracelet dedicates 10% of net profits to giving back to various causes. So, where did they begin?

Steven Izen developed Lokai after an unexpected turn in his life, when his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. It was the first time he felt helpless, knowing he would have to sit back and watch. After receiving this heartbreaking news, Steven found himself on the beach with family and friends. He wondered how some parts of his life could feel so aligned, while others were so broken. That’s when Lokai developed - a bracelet that encourages you to be humble through the highs and hopeful through the lows. Drawn to the earth itself and it’s natural highs and lows, Steven discovered the perfect representation for Lokai. Infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth, Lokai carries water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea on opposite ends. A string of clear beads connects the two to signify that throughout life’s continuous journey, your path is your own.

So, although life is marked by highs and lows, “without one, we could not appreciate the other. The Lokai bracelet is a constant reminder that no matter how far the scale tips in one direction, you should always strive for balance.” Lokai is a reminder that although life is not always easy, it’s how you process the difficult moments that matters.

No matter the setback, success or surprise, enjoy your story. Wherever your journey takes you, find your balance and live Lokai. Available in stores and online at
January 18, 2017


Patagonia Care

Laundering, ironing, and drying can shorten the life of your clothes as much as wearing them does. So, follow Patagonia’s product care instructions will help make sure that your gear has a long life full of adventures.

How to Wash

Washing instructions are printed on a white tag inside our garments. Following the garment instructions will help make sure that your gear has a long, interesting life. In general, washing your gear in cold or warm water with mild powder laundry soap (non-toxic, biodegradable types preferred) and drying it on the line are the best ways to clean Patagonia products. But, check out the guidelines below or on the tag for each piece. Sometimes tumbling dry on low heat can bring the product back to life.

Down Insulation

Wash your down garment in cold water in a front-loading machine with a gentle detergent. You can find specific detergents made specifically for washing down items. Machine dry on no to low heat (may take a few cycles) with two to three clean tennis balls added to the dryer to restore fluff. DO NOT bleach, iron or use fabric softener.

PrimaLoft Insulation

Machine wash your Primaloft garment with a mild detergent on a gentle, cold-water cycle. Tumble dry on low or line dry.

Patagonia Capilene

Machine wash Capilene garments in cool to warm water with a mild, powdered laundry detergent (nontoxic, biodegradable types preferred). Line dry or tumble dry on low heat. (Line drying saves energy and reduces environmental impact).

To remove grease, first try washing the garment by hand with a good liquid dishwashing detergent, rather than machine washing it with a powdered laundry detergent. If the grease persists, rub the stain with a cotton ball or cotton cloth dampened with a few drops of denatured or isopropyl alcohol (found in the paint section of most home stores) to break up the grease, then wash as directed by the garment care tag.

Replenishing Water-Repellency

Most waterproof/breathable shells on the market are originally treated with a Durable Water-Repellant finish (DWR), which keeps the outer fabric from becoming saturated so that the breathable barrier can do its job. This coating needs to be replenished once per season, or more often if the piece gets a lot of use or washing. If water is no longer beading up on your shell, it’s time to put on another finish. Patagonia’s favorites are Grangers products, though there are many good products on the market. Whatever you choose, be sure to use a spray-on for two-layer garments (with a hanging mesh liner) or a wash-in for three-layer garments (with an interior fabric protecting the barrier). If the situation does not change, check with Patagonia and they’ll walk you through the process or take a look at your piece.

UPF Fabrics

Lacking fur, feathers or scales, we humans have to think up clever ways to protect ourselves from the sun. Products with a UPF designation provide built-in sun protection that won’t wear off.

Elements of the sun-protection strategy can range from yarn selection to fabric construction to the use of special finishes (especially for light colors). To launder fabrics with a UPF rating, simply wash in cold water and tumble dry low (or line dry to reduce environmental impact).

Stain Removal

To get grease out of a technical jacket, dampen the stain and rub in dishwashing detergent. Then wash the jacket in warm water with plenty of mild powder laundry soap. If the stain persists, sponge it with a safe cleaning fluid (Renuzit or Carbona) or mineral spirits; you can find both at your local grocery store.

To get gum or sap out of a garment, first freeze the sap with some ice, then use a dull butter knife to scrape off as much as you can. Next, soak the garment in a water/white-vinegar solution, and throw it into the laundry with warm water and detergent.

Flammability Warning

Like most synthetics, Patagonia’s shells, fleece and Capilene fabrics will melt or burn if exposed to flame or direct heat. They are not flame resistant; do not use them near ANY direct source of heat or flame.

Dry Cleaning

Given the rumpled nature of the road trips that inspire so much of our gear, Patagonia doesn’t make anything that requires dry cleaning. Our clothes are made to be worn and washed with very little fuss. More importantly, the EPA estimates that 85% of the dry cleaners in America use perchloroethylene to clean garments and textile products. This chemical solvent has significant human and environmental risks. Patagonia make clothes that wear and perform beautifully without all that.

Still confused? We’re here to help. Stop by 225 N Salem Street in Apex, NC or just give us a call at 919-267-9353.

Rowdy Gentleman

Apex Outfitter is proud to say we're not your average outfitter. Mixing traditional outdoor gear with unique products you won't find everywhere, Apex Outfitter is home to a variety of brands such as Rowdy Gentleman. Shaking things up with their iconic Reagan Bush '84 apparel, Rowdy Gentleman is a collection created and curated for the modern day gentleman with a little added rowdiness.

Designed and printed in Austin, Texas, Rowdy Gentleman is a brand that truly lives up to its name.

Austin, isn't exactly what you would call a typical Texas city, and Rowdy Gentleman isn't a traditionally Texas brand. How the city of Austin's style blurs lone star traditional with the far-outness of its homegrown counter-culture, Rowdy Gentleman is a brand that is equal parts sophomoric and stylish.

The first thing you will notice about a Rowdy Gentleman tee shirt is the distance from which you noticed it. Loud, proud, and patriotic, Rowdy Gentleman's entire collection is full of statement pieces that will easily get a conversation started at your next happy hour. But even though their commitment to catching the eye is next to none, their attention to detail and comfort will be obvious as soon as you put on anything they make.

Rowdy Gentleman is a brand for those who may not take themselves too seriously, but are very serious about looking and feeling comfortable in what they are wearing. So, check out this tried and true, proud to be an American brand online and in store at Apex Outfitter today! From Rowdy Reagan tees to Hold My Beer Trucker Hats, you can't miss their rambunctious, yet refined apparel and accessories.

Here's to the good times in Rowdy Gentleman.


School's out for summer and we are ready to hit the beach! But, let's be honest. After the past few summers' increase in shark attacks along the North Carolina coast, who's ready to jump right in? I know most of us are a little more cautious than we used to be - maybe don't go in quite as deep or stay for quite as long. Until now...

We are excited to introduce Sharkbanz to Apex Outfitter & Board Co. This awesome company took their passion for surfing and fascination of what lurked below to create a product targeted at warning sharks when we are near.

"We dove reefs and swam helplessly next to 10 foot sand tiger sharks, hoping for the best. The ocean remains the last frontier on our planet, but we couldn’t believe that in the 21st century, no user-friendly solution existed to help ease our mind. After a particularly spooky day of nervous laughter and conversations about the weather to avoid the pointy subject, we decided to do something about it."

Three years of testing, design, development, erasing the board, starting new, more testing, and close encounters with everyone's favorite sharp tooth fish, they present the first version of Sharkbanz now available at Apex Outfitter. Their concept: simple, stylish, and affordable - making Sharkbanz the product right for everyone. Whether you live by the ocean or only visit a few times a year, are here in Wrightsville or down at the Keys, this is the solution for "peace of mind in the seven seas."

So, you might be thinking this is just a psychological thing or there’s no way, but oh the science is real. Sharkbanz enlisted a team of renowned shark experts to get the job done. Sharkbanz use a special patented magnetic technology to deter sharks from attacking people. Most attacks occur in shallow, murky water (aka most North Carolina beaches) where sharks rely on their electro-receptors instead of their eyes to “see” what’s around them. Most of the time they get it right and steer clear, but occasionally their judgment is off ending in a news report and a trip to the ER. This is where Sharkbaz comes in. As the shark approaches a person wearing one, magnetic waves come from the band to disrupt its electro-receptors and cause the shark to quickly turn away. And once a shark comes near the band, it frequently leaves the area and does not return - a simple solution that couldn’t make any more sense. Don’t believe us? Check out the video of some of Sharkbanz tests here.

Not only is Sharkbanz looking out for us, they also passionate about preserving and restoring the world's oceans. They've enlisted the help of ocean conservation groups by donating 3% of their profits to support their efforts to eradicate shark finning, prevent new offshore drilling, and aid in the restoration and protection of marine ecosystems. It's an amazing company with a strong philosophy. To learn more about Sharkbanz efforts, and how you can help, check out their website here.

Want to know more? Check out these resources from their partners or stop Apex Outfitter & Board Co. in downtown Apex and ask us about our newest brand.

So, get ready for sunshine, summertime, and long days in the water with SharkBanz to take your worries away. Now available at Apex Outfitter.

**It important to be aware of what Sharkbanz technology can and can not do. Sharkbanz will reduce the risk of shark interactions but there is no 100% guarantee that interactions will not take place.  Sharkbanz are not designed to prevent sharks from eating visible bait. They have a hierarchy of senses and can override the electrical sense in the event that visible bait is present. Again, Sharkbanz are meant to deter curious sharks from biting a person while in investigative mode, not prevent them from eating bloody fish bait.

Top 20: Best Places to Eat in North Carolina

If you’re a North Carolina native, you know it is a foodie paradise. From restaurants that push the limits with inventive, unique and locally-sourced food to fine dining at the top of a mountain. And sometimes the best eateries are located in hidden small towns. Nearly everywhere in North Carolina is home to a few amazing restaurants, but with so many – how do you even choose? We’re here to help by starting with 20 around the state that are a step above the rest.

Herons - Cary

Right around the corner, in Cary, NC, Herons is known as a “culinary gem” located in the Umstead Hotel and Spa. With an extensive wine list of over 1,500 selections and 10,000 bottles, you are sure to find the perfect one. Whether you are looking for a hip brunch spot or romantic dinner - Heron’s provides the perfect atmosphere for a chic, five-star dining experience.

Angus Barn - Raleigh

Anniversary? Birthday? Company event? Angus Barn is the ideal steakhouse to celebrate a special event in the Raleigh area. This amazing steakhouse, in a unique location off Glenwood Avenue, is the winner of over 200 awards including the Gold Plate Award. Providing exceptional house aged beef, fresh seafood, and more since 1960, Angus Barn should be at the top of your list to dine at this year.

Fiction Kitchen - Raleigh

Another top spot in Raleigh for vegan and vegetarian cuisine is Fiction Kitchen. A local “food revolution” they bring an experience downtown Raleigh has been craving. Fiction provides thoughtfully prepared vegan and vegetarian cuisine from a 100% vegetarian kitchen.

Dame’s Chicken and Waffles - Durham

If you’re craving something more southern - Dame’s Chicken and Waffles is the place to go. Crispy, Southern fried perfection meets sweet, delicious European decadence. Dame’s is noted for their world-class, comfort food combinations meant to fulfill your appetite and hearts desires. But be careful, these dishes are deemed to be “smack yo’ Mama good!”

Mateo - Durham

Another top spot in Durham, is Mateo. Appearing on almost every food blog as one of the best restaurants in North Carolina, Mateo mixes Spanish tapas with a southern touch. Here you get the best of both worlds in this extremely trendy and delicious restaurant.

Fearrington House Restaurant - Pittsboro

Exotic, creative, and unique cuisine awaits your taste buds in this rustic yet cozy farmhouse restaurant and hotel outside of Chapel Hill. At the Fearrington House you’ll experience the seasonal, local and exotic, carefully sourced menu. Arrive early to enjoy a drink on the front porch in chairs overlooking the pastures or take a tour of the extensive gardens. Just a short drive from the Raleigh-Durham area into the countryside, Fearrington House awaits you.

Chef and the Farmer - Kinston

Go to nowhere and turn left to discover Chef and the Farmer. With a 2-3 month wait, this restaurant is worth the planning and drive to Kinston. The perfect mix of subtle southern cuisine with an uniquely elegant approach, Chef and the Farmer is an extraordinary experience that celebrates simplicity, freshness, and it’s own heritage. Chef Vivian Howard converted a 100 year old mule stable into a warm, inviting, modern atmosphere - sound like your favorite spot in downtown Apex right? Like it’s name, Chef and the Farmer blends old and new for a dining experience you won’t forget.

Ryan’s Restaurant - Winston-Salem

With panoramic views of old oaks and a rolling stream,enjoy a steak with a view at Ryan’s. We love the cozy setting at Ryan’s almost as much as we love that it’s locally owned and has been under the same management since 1981. Whatever you are in the mood for, Ryan’s entrees range from juicy steaks to the finest grilled fresh fish and Maine lobster. It's the perfect spot for date night, celebrating with friends and family, or a Friday night out.

Price’s Chicken Coop - Charlotte

With a name like that, who could resist stopping at Price’s Chicken Coop? Serving up some of the best fried chicken you'll ever have in your life, you have to visit the famous Price's next time you are in the Queen City.

River’s End Restaurant - Bryson City

Need a great meal after an awesome adventure? Check out River’s End for a restaurant with a view. Located at the Nantahala Outdoor Center, each seat overlooks the river while you enjoy classic breakfast dishes like Fontana Hash Browns or a hearty lunch after a morning of kayaking.

Johnson’s Drive-In - Siler City

Johnson’s Drive In in Silver City is like stepping back in time and trust me, the long line in worth the wait. Serving Tuesday thru Saturday until they are out, you better get there early to enjoy one of the best burgers in the state of NC. Fresh meat delivered daily, the never frozen beef hits the grill and is served with a melted slab of Velveeta cheese on top and your choice of toppings. Serving since 1946, they know what they are doing.

Snappy Lunch - Mt. Airy

Another no frills, hidden gem. Snappy Lunch is half the experience and half the amazing food. Calling Mount Airy home, it’s one of those places you’d see, but question whether you should stop in. But, if you know to try it you'll get the Mayberry vibe with Andy Griffith memorabilia adorning the walls. Well worth the drive, order a pork chop sandwich at this local landmark for the best in NC.

Lexington Barbecue - Lexington

Looking for more southern goodness? Located in the birthplace of Lexington BBQ, 'the honemonk' as the locals know it, is the place to stop for the best Lexington style Q. Opened in 1962 Lexington BBQ has become known nationwide by staying true to the barbecue cooking tradition with wood, not gas. Cooked fresh everyday - stop by Lexington to sit down, have a glass of sweet tea, and taste what some believe is the world’s best barbecue.

Rhubarb - Asheville

Headed to Western NC, Rhubarb is an award-winning, chic Asheville eatery that specializes in farm-to-table American fare. In the heart of Asheville on Pack Square, Rhubarb’s menu is inspired by seasonal, local ingredients that pays homage to the region and American cooking. A wood-fired oven and grill complement the rustic atmosphere at Rhubarb. If you’re lucky to visit on Sunday, enjoy a three-course meal at the family table during their Sunday Supper.

Cúrate - Asheville

There's no denying Asheville is a foodie haven. So, the next stop when you're in town must be Cúrate. Enjoy uniquely delicious spanish inspired tapas in this downtown Asheville restaurant. With traditional cuisine, unrivaled hospitality, and festive atmosphere - Curate provides a fun-filled night out with friends or a quick bite before a music production. So, go join Curate for some fun.. just say “una cana!”

The Gamekeeper Restaurant and Bar - Boone

You haven't experienced Western NC until you’ve dined at The Gamekeeper. As a true gourmet restaurant, the Gamekeep is famous for an evolving a menu that blends traditional with exotic. Specializing in a wide selection of game, this rustic mountain eatery is a mingling of elegance and Appalachian charm.

The Dining Room - Biltmore

Named one of our Unique Finds in NC, visiting the Biltmore House is a must. Located at the Inn, The Dining Room provides the elegant, five-star experience everyone wants to experience at least once. With seasonal menus, all meat is farm-raised and the veggies come straight from the garden.

Amos Mosquito’s - Atlantic Beach

Next time you are at the coast, Amos Mosquito’s in Atlantic Beach is a must try. Everything is made from scratch in-house or locally sourced. It's a meal (and name) you won't forget. Not to mention the waterside patio is perfect for summer nights.

Colington Cafe - Kill Devil Hills

If your beach spot is at the Outer Banks, find Colington Cafe nestled beneath 300-year-old oak trees. This adorable spot specializes in elegant dishes without sacrificing traditional, comfortable roots. Order up some fresh seafood and experience the best OBX has to offer from some of the friendliest people.

Peak City Grill - Apex

And we couldn't end without a local favorite. Peak City Grill is located in quaint downtown Apex and is where "Good Taste meets Great Food." Full of history, Peak City brought an old 1905 building back to life with restored church pews, custom crafted tables, and an outdoor patio that encompasses the history of old Apex. You can enjoy an evolving menu from Mediterranean Tapas to Cheese Fondue - deep fried chicken livers to 16oz grilled to order New York Strip steaks - A spinach strawberry salad with goat cheese to Vanilla Bean crème Brule. So, explore what downtown Apex has to offer and plan your next dinner at Peak City Grill.

Are you ready to try out one of these new restaurants? Tell us what you think!
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