Suncloud Optics defines functional fashion. Their mission is to “focus on offering quality polarized optics wrapped in contemporary frame styles at a refreshing value.” At $49.99-59.99 SunCloud is a favorite at Apex Outfitter - all with 100% polarized lenses, unparalleled frame fit, and backed by a GENUINE LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Suncloud lens are infused with advanced technology, like polarized lenses that selectively filter horizontally reflected, visually interfering light waves, or what we would call glare. The elimination of the direct glare results in superior visual clarity, definition, color transmissions, and optical comfort. Surrounding these awesome lenses are frames with just as much technology. The base curve wraps to the wearer’s face and provides more comfort and a better fit. There are over 8 different base curve styles, so you can find a pair that fits your face perfectly. The frames are made with optical grade nylons and metal alloys for a quality fit and lasting durability. Some favorites at Apex Outfitter include the Patrol Aviator, Tortoise Cassandra, and Hook. Whether you are going to be out at Jordan Lake, Wrightsville Beach, or just hanging out in your own backyard - Suncloud will be your go to pair of sunglasses this summer!

SunCloud has built it’s reputation on a high-quality performance product, which they stand behind. Their lifetime guarantee covers any manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship or any repairs. Polarized lenses, quality frames, and a lifetime guarantee for $49.99 are only a few of the reasons why Sunclouds have grown in popularity. So, stop by the shop to check out our latest styles of Suncloud Polarized Sunglasses on our website or next time you’re in downtown Apex!

Kyle Denis
Kyle Denis


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