House of Swank

"The mission of the House of Swank is to produce the raddest NC-themed shirts and swag on the planet, period. Blowing minds is optional, but encouraged."
Cheers -John Pugh aka Johnny Swank

Do you call NC home? House of Swank let’s you represent your roots - whether they started in or re-located to North Carolina. This Raleigh, North Carolina based company thrives on creating NC themed apparel that lets you stand out and is produced right here in downtown Raleigh. The House of Swank owner was raised in Climax, NC where his NC obsession began. According to owner, Johnny Pugh, in his world it was “All Cackalack, All the Damn Time.” They have tees for all North Carolinians - represent Apex, NC in our water tower tee or locally owned businesses in their “Eat Local” apparel. At Apex Outfitter, we are proud to carry totally rad NC-themed tshirts, koozies, and more - celebrating “down and dirty blues, and all manner of things North Carolina” through the House of Swank brand.  And you can’t argue with Johnny - in North Carolina “It's all about the moonshine, baby!”
Kyle Denis
Kyle Denis


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