Starting in Wilmington, NC Freaker USA has quickly grown to be a global leader of preventing moist handshakes and sweaty beverages. Beginning with turning old sweaters in koozies, creator Zach took the idea and went with it once his friends became obsessed with the cool, unique drink koozie. Commonly recognized by his appearance on Shark Tank, Freakers have since then continued to take the US by storm, popping up in local shops everywhere - like Apex Outfitter and Board Co.

Freaker isn’t just selling you their fit-everything koozie, but they’re giving you an invitation to their party - infusing life, style, and functionality into a drink insulator. This truly one-size fits all bottle insulator was created to keep your hands dry and drinks cold with funky, quirky designs that are sure to be a conversation starter. Don’t believe one size really fits all? Check out the video and let Freakers amaze you. Another cool fact about Freakers is they are all designed AND manufactured right here in North Carolina! Headquartered in Wilmington, Freakers are made only 3 hours from there in Troy, NC at a family-owned hosiery mill. And at Apex Outfitter we love how Freakers encompass locally made and support for other locals. Designed, created, manufactured, and sold right here in North Carolina!

So, support your locals and stop by Apex Outfitter to check out our latest Freakers. From “Go Pack” in their collegiate line to funky designs like “Cackalacky” to represent NC or “Bonnie and Clyde” for the newlyweds - we have it all - along with socks coming this fall!! So join the revolution to stop bottle sweat with Freaker USA.

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Kyle Denis
Kyle Denis


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