Hunter Boots

At Apex Outfitter and Board Co, we are proud to carry brands that focus on craftsmanship and quality - like Hunter Boots. 

Lightweight, neat-fitting, and comfortable - Hunter Boots have become a symbol of practicality and protection. Wellington boots are a staple in British life and Hunter has carried its namesake to the US, being featured in magazines such as WSJ, Vogue, Glamour, GQ, and more. The Original Boot is perfect for those spring showers or pair with Hunter boot socks on those unexpected snowy days in North Carolina. This style can be seen all over campuses around the Raleigh-Durham area, as a functional rainboot and as a trend in fashion.

So who’s behind the iconic Hunter Boot? The company was founded in Scotland in 1856, by an American entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris. It began as the North British Rubber Company, full of innovation and pioneering designs, then was later changed to Hunter Boot. The design started with a 28 piece rainboot (which is still used today) and only four employees - which quickly grew to 600 only years later. Hunter Boot became known for their quality and were mass produced for the British Army during WWII, as well as catching the eye of a few Royals. The Royal Family wore HB for so many years that his Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen each awarded Hunter Boots with a Royal Warrant! Although Hunter Boot began overseas, their popularity has grown worldwide - even making appearances at fashion weeks in various cities.

Hunter Boot embodies various lifestyles from getting caught in a city rainstorm to wondering a muddy mountainside - covering all terrains of North Carolina. Our favorite at Apex Outfitter, The Original boot, is said to be the heart of the Hunter Boot company. This style still encompasses the same techniques and handmade production today as when it was introduced in 1956. Coming in various colors, the matte and glossy Tall Rainboots continue to be a bestseller in the Apex-Cary area.  So stop by Apex Outfitter to slip on a pair - trust us, once you have them on you will understand why Hunter Boot is trusted by so many!

Kyle Denis
Kyle Denis


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