Like our customers at Apex Outfitter & Board Co, the Prana brand encompasses those who are fun-loving, soulful people - who travel well, play hard, and care about the impact they have on the world around them. Prana’s designs are inspired by athletes like world-class climber Chris Sharma and known yogis like Shiva Rea. These athletes and a large percent of their customers help shape the designs and push the Prana team to keep going above and beyond. As part of the small community in Apex, NC we understand the influence customers can have on a company!

Prana’s passion for the environment lead them to create Fair Trade Certified apparel and become the first major company in North America to produce and market Fair-Trade Certified styles. Prana’s apparel and accessories are made using fewer toxins and chemicals in regard to the use of energy, water, and chemicals in manufacturing. Like the Cassi Tank and Quinn dress we have at Apex Outfitter, Prana’s clothes are created with a blend of natural fibers, organic cotton, and recycled materials.  

At Prana, they believe your closet should reflect who you are, how you feel, and what you value most. Therefore, the Prana design team focuses on the details and aren’t afraid to “hang it out” when it comes to bold colors and whimsical patterns - which as part of the South we love in North Carolina! Whether you are kicking off the new year with a yoga class or hiking local trails like Umstead Park in Raleigh - Prana has you covered.

Kyle Denis
Kyle Denis


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