Outfit your adventurous side this spring at Apex Outfitter with the perfect Chaco sandal! Chaco started out of founder’s, Mark Paigen, home in Paonia, CO. The “Gecko” sandal was the first style created as “the Ultimate Sport Sandal” focusing on maximum comfort and durability. It began with the concept that geckos have micro suction pads on their feet, allowing them to scale walls and ceilings. Mark took this idea and applied it to a sandal with increased suction for hiking outdoors. From there he worked with specialist to create an awesome arch support. When the current footbed was discovered they yelled “That’s ze one!” - where the Z/1 style was born. The rest grew from there! Some of their best selling sandals include the Ecotread, Yampa, Unaweep and Vibram, which we carry at Apex Outfitters.

Chaco’s are the go-to versatile sandal that are comfortable AND long lasting. Whether you’re at the lake, “hiking” around campus, or on the Appalachian trail, the LUVSEAT base will properly align and comfortably support your entire body . Not only are Chaco’s soles ultra supportive, but the adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit - therefore creating a sandal that is specific to you. With a variety of styles, colors, and arch supports, come find the Chaco that fits your lifestyle at Apex Outfitter!

Kyle Denis
Kyle Denis


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